Quality Lenses With Great Service

The first part of your eyewear consultation is all about your lenses. Optical lenses can be as complex as the most sophisticated camera lenses, so it's no surprise that we use lenses from companies such as Zeiss, Nikon, Hoya and Essilor. We also use optical lens laboratories right here in Christchurch whenever we can.

You might need a straightforward pair of reading or distance lenses that start at $148 a pair, or perhaps more complex multifocal lenses in a special material at $1000 a pair. We recommend the best options and advice for your individual vision needs, and we'll explain the benefits of the lens technology such as photochromic tints, high index lens material, or lens design, in plain English with our superb Saulsbury & Co customer service.


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Frames That Fit

Get the right frame to wrap around your lenses! For some people it’s all about style, for others it's the function that comes first. Whatever your priorities, comfort and fit of your frame is essential.

Saulsbury & Co. stocks some of the best optical frames on the market. We carefully handpick every frame on display from the hundreds we see, including many well known designer brands. Over 300 different frames are on display at Saulsbury & Co., most of which we can source in alternative colours. If we don’t have it on the shelf, we'll source more frames for you with our no obligation appro service.

A big problem is that many people can’t see what a new frame looks like as it doesn’t have any lenses in it! We can pop a pair of contact lenses on you to help you see in the mirror, or we can use our iPad and app to show you your style with different frames. We can even email these images to you or friends and family for fresh opinions. You're always welcome to take frames home to show them off before you make your final choice.

Got a frame in good condition that you love and want to use again? No problem! We'll pre-order your lenses so you won’t have to do without your glasses while they're fitted. In many cases we can put into your frames while you wait.


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Prescription Sunglasses That Protect

All the sunglasses at Saulsbury & Co. are suitable for prescription lenses, including Adidas sports sunglasses, Nike and Bolle. We use a local lens laboratory here in Christchurch who are specialists in this kind of work. 

With different colours and levels of tinted lenses, mirror lenses, polarised lenses, Drivewear Lenses™ and sports-specific tints (such as yellow or amber for shooting), there is something for every Kiwi past time. Don't let the glare stop you, and protect your eyes with prescription sunglasses from Saulsbury & Co. 



Repair And Service Your Glasses

Keep your glasses in top condition with our FREE servicing to maintain their fit, comfort and the best vision.

If you've broken your frames, don't worry - we can often get an effective and speedy repair done for you. 



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