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You can be 100% sure that every single one of them uses a computer at some point in their everyday life!

During a short break the other day I was thinking over how much things have changed in our lives over the past twenty or so years; – and it is certainly true that computers are now, (for the majority of us) an absolute essential part of our life. It might be for work, study or play, but we are spending more and more of our time ‘interacting’ with our little technological boxes, whether it be a laptop, PC, iPad, or our phone.


I am certainly finding that more and more people turn up to see me for an eye exam, worried that using a computer for long periods is affecting their vision and that they are complaining of sore tired eyes and headaches. So let’s clear up a few points about what is going on, particularly if you are experiencing any symptoms.

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  • Using a computer can’t make your vision deteriorate. – Sure, if you have any kind of undiagnosed vision problem then you are going to get some symptoms, – which can include tired eyes and headaches. So yes, you might actually need glasses to work comfortably at your computer, particularly for long periods of time.
  • Your environment could be the problem, including poor lighting, badly positioned screens and poor work station set up, all of which can contribute to headaches and other symptoms.
  • Your eyes are likely to be dry, particularly if you work in air conditioned rooms, and most people don’t realise that when you are concentrating on the screen you will blink less, so your eyes will get dry, which makes them feel tired and sore. I have just recently read an article in an optometry magazine which suggests that dry eyes can even contribute to headaches.


Well the first thing to do is to come and see us for an eye exam! We will ask you about the symptoms you are having, how much of your time is spent on the computer and discuss your work environment and your workspace set up.

Then we will assess your vision, (including how well your eye muscles are working) and find out if you are likely to need glasses; - and we will look at the general health of your eyes, including assessment of any signs of dry eyes.

I know it can seem as if there are lots of questions, which can be a bit daunting, but it really is all quite easy, and as we say on the photo on our Home Page, – "You can’t fail an eye exam"! - most people quite enjoy the process.

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So, at the end of the eye exam we have a complete picture of what may be causing your symptoms, and we can make recommendations to sort things out for you.


As I said above, you may have a vision problem and a pair of glasses will be your answer. – If you have never had glasses before, we can help you find the perfect frames that will become the coolest accessory you ever wear. We can also make sure you have the best lenses for your particular needs, so that your eyes feel more like they are on holiday rather than at work!

We can discuss your work environment and work station set up and help you to assess whether your screen and lighting is optimum for comfortable vision. Remember, – this will depend very much on your height and build and your screen position needs to be correct for not only your eyes, but also for your neck and back to be comfortable.

Finally, there is the question of whether you are suffering from dry eyes. More and more I’m finding that this is the main problem for those of you complaining of symptoms while working on your computer. – Many people are really surprised when I tell them that they don’t need glasses, - or that their current glasses or contact lenses are fine; – but they do need to sort out their dry eyes. This can mean using lubricating eye drops, warm compresses to improve the function of glands in the eyelids (that supply oil to the tears) and also looking at your diet and using dietary supplements.

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My next news post will be all about dry eyes and what to do about them, but in the meanwhile: - if you don't want to feel like this:

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... But would rather feel like this:

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Contact us to book an eye exam and don't put up with sore tired eyes, or headaches when you don't need to.